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What is Studybetter™?

Teachers and students now have access to the best of both worlds – a comprehensive self-marking and interactive eLearning resource and a write-on workbook – a combined resource that enhances self-directed learning and revision for students.

Studybetter™ is an Australian and Australasian product developed by a team of established writers and practising Australian and Australasian teachers with decades of experience in the classroom. We are constantly responding to teacher suggestions, refining the content and adding to the product range. We offer the most comprehensive eLearning resource in Australasia by providing relevant, detailed and engaging online learning materials for a range of subjects.

As a program designed by Australian and Australasian teachers for both teachers and students, Studybetter™ provides interactive eLearning and workbook resources that empower students to become self-directed learners, and raise achievement levels whilst saving time for both teachers and students.

Information for teachers

Self-directed learning

Schools and departments are always actively equipping students to become more effective self-directed learners. If you are looking for resources that can assist you, then Studybetter™ is a useful in-class, homework and end of year revision resource that can provide a structured learning approach for your students. Combining interactive web-based learning and write-on booklets, these resources provide an integrated approach that enables students to take charge of their own learning and save you time.

Students still need direction from staff and a level of accountability, so our evolving administration suite allows you to track and monitor progress and report back directly to parents.

Reflective learning

Studybetter™ is not just 'skill and drill' like so many other online programmes. The way we have structured our material and the programme itself, provides students with the opportunity to reflect on their answers and the strategies they used to arrive at those answers. Research shows that this process, in conjunction with the instant answers and explanations, accelerates learning.

Our questions are also aligned to the curriculum and to both SOLO and Bloom's Taxonomy of critical thinking levels so students are challenged not just to recall and understand one or many ideas, but to apply, analyse and evaluate by using relational and extended thinking skills.

Benefits of Studybetter™

  • Facilitates self-directed and independent learning.
  • Integrates online learning more easily into classroom teaching, learning or revision programmes.
  • Provides plenty of practice material that fits within the prescribed Australasia curricula with graded questions (named Achieved, Merit and Excellence) that identify the higher order critical thinking skills required for success in school and beyond.
  • Sets students homework.
  • Tracks students' online progress via the Learning Management Suite.
  • Gives a positive and challenging use for online devices in schools.
  • Provides clear targets for students to meet.
  • Provides material aligned to the national curricula and exams.
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Information for parents

Studybetter™ is a smart new way for your teenagers to learn at their own speed, at their own level, in their own time, and by giving feedback that is "just in time and just for them". Our program will help them study successfully. It will improve their exam results. Studybetter™ is ideal for use at home and to prepare upper primary students for high school.

The adaptive nature of Studybetter™ means the difficulty of each module is updated on a question by question basis to match and challenge your child's ability.

Benefits of Studybetter™

  • Comprehensive coverage of each subject with detailed notes and diagrams.
  • Graded material.
  • An individualised approach.
  • Instant feedback and explanations.
  • Explores new ways to identify and solve problems.
  • Ability to track your teenagers' progress.

Information for students

Studybetter™ is a smart new way for you to learn at your own speed, in your own time and get feedback that is "just for me and just in time". Our program will help guide your study and deliver successful exam results.

Being able to use it on your smart phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer allows you to keep up to date wherever you are, and work at you own pace.

Benefits of Studybetter™

  • Gives you key subject notes.
  • Tests your knowledge and skills.
  • Gives instant feedback and explanations.
  • Provides parallel modules: the easier "Achieved-only" version that assesses your basic knowledge and understanding. Then adaptive learning in the normal module that leads you into more challenging Merit and Excellence level questions that assess your higher order thinking skills.
  • Tells you immediately how successful you are, the level you are working at and what you need to do to achieve your goals.
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